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Disgruntled Vets Facebook, MeWe, & Instagram

The Disgruntled Vets Facebook and Instagram pages are our main veteran community pages where you will find veteran humor, messaging to contact the admin team for support, and general veteran fuckery.

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Disgruntled Underground

The Underground is a safe haven for Veterans to be themselves.
​A veteran only group where veterans can let loose with dark humor, venting, and support for one another. 

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Disgruntled Vets Patreon

The Disgruntled Vets patreon is for anyone who would like to further support Disgruntled Vets and our efforts in the community! ​There you will find live videos, Chat with Chapi rants, and access to a secret group exclusive for our patrons! 

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​Disgruntled Vets Nation

Disgruntled Discussions is a group of veterans having a weekly conversation about the things that makes us disgruntled and real-life issues going on in our community. We also share real-life rants from our fans.

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Disgruntled News

Disgruntled News is owned and operated by Disgruntled Vets, in cooperation with her community partners to provide up to date information about charity, community building, and fundraising efforts around the globe.

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Disgruntled Vets Workforce

The goal is to find jobs that are looking to hire veterans along with veterans and spouses that are seeking employment and connect them! Veterans helping veterans, upholding the oath!

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The Disgruntled Soldier

We are present and past service members who want to create a community where we can connect with other service members. This [age is here as a place where we can express our sick sense of humor and tell stories of what your time was like in the military. This is a page for every service member out there…even the coast guard…but only on tuesdays…so speak up and let us know your experiences!!!

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Embrace The Service

General veteran and active duty community group. Hangout, chat, share memes…

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Disgruntled Motor Sports

A group for veterans that have a passion for offroading, building hotrods, mudding, rock crawling, dirtbikes, quads, motorcycles, and any other motor sports in general.

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Disgruntled Vets Entrepreneurs

A group for veterans who own their own business or aspire to start their own business to discuss marketing, business strategy, and share their ideas with each other.

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Unconventional Vet Spouse

Wife of a Disgruntled Vet. We aim to bring together the spouses and partners of our armed forces to share their struggles, find somewhere to feel understood, and share why they are unconventional.

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