No Shave November 2020

No Shave November is a charity event hosted by
Disgruntled Vets benefiting 22 Until NoneVeterans donate their beards, eyebrows, mustaches, and other various
​body hair to be auctioned off. If the amount is high enough they will
cut, shave, or even wax their lucious locks off.
If we raise $22,000 Chapi will wax that crazy caterpillar mustache off live for your enjoyment!
If you wish to jump on the bandwagon message us a picture of your beautiful body hair,
​the amount you want for it (if any), and your approved removal technique!Tune in December 12th from 1400 – 2000 Central Standard Time
for a night of camaraderie, raffles, giveaways, and beard contests!!

Task Force Kringle 2020

Our friends at 22 Until None have a wonderful program called Task Force Kringle where families who are struggling can get up to $1000 to spend on Amazon for Christmas gifts. In 2018 they were able to help 11 families with Christmas expenses. That number grew to 18 in 2019. This year they have secured funding and sponsorship to help 30 families in need of assistance! Their application period for this amazing fund is open until November 1st so get your info into them ASAP! They have only had a handful of families register this year and would like to meet their goal of helping 30 families through the 2020 holiday season.

Required Criteria for Applicants:

– Must have a DD214 showing discharge status with honorable discharge.

– Must have a VA disability rating of 30% or more.

-Must have children under 18 in the house and listed as dependents through the VA, these must be your own children either biologically or through marriage, adoption, or fostering, a significant other’s child or a relative’s child living with you will not qualify.

-Must show you have a situation causing financial hardship to the household as in a medical event causing many bills, catastrophic accident to home or self, loss of employment, etc.

You must be able to provide proof of all the criteria listed above in the form of bills, police reports, medicare benefits, repair bills, etc. If you have been a recipient previously you forfeit your eligibility for this program. Task Force Kringle also counts as a form of financial assistance.

Apply to Task Force Kringle

Disgruntled Vets Halloween Contests 2020

Disgruntled Vets State Chapters are having Halloween contests! Show us your best costumes, pumpkin carvings, and porch decorations to win some sweet DV swag! All entries must be submitted through your state chapters.

Texas and Colorado have costume contests… show us your best makeup and costume!
Virginia has a porch decorating contest… show us your spookiest porch decorations!
Nebraska has a pumpkin carving contest… show off those knife skills and post your best pumpkins!